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Quick Update: Gridcoinsats of-chain issues

New Release of Gridcoin Reseach Wallet - Mandatory Yesterday we had a mandatory update of the Gridcoin…
2017-08-23 06:58

56 votes - 6 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Bounty Price of 25 SBD; Only 4 hours left to give or vote for the best idea!

In ~4 hours it's been 7 days since I posted an open contest to give ideas for the next version of…
2017-08-13 16:39

29 votes - 3 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Brainstorming Gridcoinstats Ideas Thread [25 SBD in Bounty]

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I'm currently forming the next version of the Gridcoin Block Explorer. I've…
2017-08-06 21:10

38 votes - 55 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Project Updates and Changes to the Faucet

There's been some time since I made an update to the feed for just writing about the Gridcoinstats web page.…
2017-08-05 17:23

47 votes - 17 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Short Service Interuption Scheduled - 05:00 AM GMT+2, 2017-07-06

Short Service Interruption Scheduled Tomorrow at 05:00 AM GMT+2 (2017-07-06) we will have a brief interruption of…
2017-07-05 16:21

21 votes - 3 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Great traction for Gridcoin the past weeks; We're overwelmed but solution is just around the corner!

Gridcoin got some massive attention past weeks With the latest weeks surge in price and market cap and also the many…
2017-06-21 20:34

35 votes - 9 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoinstats

Gridcoin mining for heat started to payoff

Hi everyone, Weather was shitty in the past few days. It was raining (with cats and dogs) for 20 hours. Now it…
2017-10-25 07:27

11 votes - 1 comments
By steemmillionaire in gridcoin

Gridcoin weekly project stats - 23/Oct/17

Here is another Gridcoin project stats update with special focus on LHC@Home and its weekly charts. LHC@Home is run…
2017-10-23 18:18

11 votes - 5 comments
By parejan in gridcoin

Weekly Gridcoin stats update – 23/Oct/17

This week another update of the Gridcoin project stats with a special focus on LHC@Home and its weekly graphs.…
2017-10-23 10:48

1 votes - 0 comments
By parejan in gridcoin

Gridcoin Mining: Generating heat and computational errors

Hi everyone, After many failed attempts to start crunching data with my HD7990 on Ubuntu 16.04 and 14.04 (details…
2017-10-22 23:29

14 votes - 8 comments
By steemmillionaire in gridcoin

Projects & Gridcoin/World Community Grid -- Help science -- Hilf der Wissenschaft (German/English)

Hallo zusammen, das ist die 4. Ausgabe meiner Serie "Gridcoin & Projects" in der ich erläutere, welche spannenden…
2017-10-22 23:24

165 votes - 12 comments
By jedigeiss in gridcoin

Gridcoin Mining: Ubuntu is making me crazy

Hi everyone, You will not imagine how I spend my weekend... Actually, how I lost my weekend! Part of my plan to…
2017-10-22 17:27

8 votes - 3 comments
By steemmillionaire in gridcoin

Gridcoin Goes To The Mountain!

First it went to the beach! Now, it's on the mountain. Next stop, the Moon! I am sure all here at #gridcoin…
2017-10-22 15:28

41 votes - 18 comments
By trumpman in gridcoin

Gridcoin Community Hangout #042

Gridcoin Community Hangout #042 *NOTE: We will be holding the hangout 2 hours earlier than usual this time around.…
2017-10-21 15:10

24 votes - 8 comments
By peppernrino in gridcoin

Gridcoin Wallet for MAC

For those Gridcoin users who still don't know (I discovered it several days ago) that new Gridcoin Wallet for Mac is…
2017-10-20 07:42

9 votes - 5 comments
By flodner in gridcoin

TB testing on Boinc

My Uncle had tuberculosis. It was back in the 1940’s when he was a teenager; he was a First Nations kid so the only…
2017-10-19 21:03

140 votes - 15 comments
By andrewgenaille in gridcoin


2017-10-19 19:39

9 votes - 1 comments
By rainclear in gridcoin

Maintaining your BOINC equipment.

Dear Steemians, While there are multiple guides on how to maximize your results by overclocking your system, picking…
2017-10-19 13:59

77 votes - 21 comments
By gregan in gridcoin

Posts from the Commutiy that are made in sub-categories for a Gridcoin whitelisted project. Read more project specific news on each projects page in the Projects Section
Crunching GRCs in a pool to worm-up my place

Hi everyone, First of all, I want to thank you for being such an amazing community! I wrote about my plan to use…
2017-10-10 08:24

19 votes - 9 comments
By steemmillionaire in boinc

Update on my plan to use computers to warm-up my place

Hi everyone, Weather in Bucharest continues to deteriorate. Yes, winter is coming! It's 8 AM and the temperature…
2017-10-09 05:44

19 votes - 12 comments
By steemmillionaire in boinc

Heating Computers for the Upcoming Winter

Hi everyone, Today we had a bad weather in Bucharest... raining all day, and it started to get really cold during…
2017-10-07 23:58

24 votes - 7 comments
By steemmillionaire in boinc

Bronze Badge for Microbiome Immunity Project

Hi everyone, Just yesterday, I got my Bronze Badge for my contribution on the Microbiome Immunity Project. I know…
2017-10-04 11:09

8 votes - 0 comments
By steemmillionaire in boinc

I Guess Thats The Reason

After a huge surprise email by Amicable Numbers, that I'm the new dude of the day for the next 24 hours, I found out…
2017-07-07 16:25

12 votes - 3 comments
By scoobot in gridcoin

User Of The Day

Today I got an Email by the Amicable Numbers guys with a little congratulations message: "You've been chosen as…
2017-07-07 16:09

8 votes - 6 comments
By scoobot in gridcoin

Gridcoin Warriors

2017-06-22 02:58

10 votes - 0 comments
By andrewgenaille in gridcoin

Gridcoin Science: FightAIDS@Home - Finding a cure, one protein at the time

A Gridcoin Network Approved Project What is AIDS/HIV AIDS stands for "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome." AIDS…
2017-06-18 08:40

39 votes - 14 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoin

Help WCG Project Smash Childhood Cancer

Researchers like Dr. Akira Nakagawara are using platforms like World Community Grid that runs on the BOINC…
2017-05-26 21:37

16 votes - 4 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoin

Improving BOINC security: Account Keys!

Improving BOINC security: Account Keys! Link to github issue: Reddit post: What are account keys? Account…
2017-04-15 16:07

27 votes - 1 comments
By cm-steem in gridcoin

[Foundation Proposal] 20k GRC for Sponsored Fund at Faucet

Voting for foundation proposal of 20k GRC for a sponsored fund at the faucet. Ending at…
2017-01-08 21:32

20 votes - 0 comments
By sc-steemit in gridcoin

Gridcoin: Poll to Add SRBase to The Whitelist

Who? Project name: SRBase Invitation code: pillepalle Project category: Mathematics Sponsor:…
2016-10-14 20:11

14 votes - 6 comments
By neuralminer in gridcoin

Headlines from projects on the whitelist. Read more by clicking the link, commenting usually possible on respective projects forum. More headlines on each projects details page by clicking on the project name below the article.
SRBase - 3 years review

The project has passed the third year. Compared with last years the following process was made: 2014-2015 - 87M WUs processed, 1 base solved, 314 bases unstarted 2015-2016 - 88M WUs processed, 5 bases solved, 297 bases unstarted 2016-2017 - 99M WUs processed, 5 bases solved, 282 bases unstarted in total - 274M WUs processed, 11 bases solved, 282 bases unstarted The computing power was beyond the 40TFLOP mark. KEP is still working on a more precise stats overview and will be released maybe in January 2018 so stay tuned. The next upcoming llr app will have a new gwnum lib with full AMD Ryzen support but I dont know when it will be released. Due the lack of available sievefiles there are some gaps in the work generation. The remaining primes for these bases are very high, the tests are going over a million. The project cannot handle so many files into one folder thats why they must be splitted into some batches. The yoyo@home project took over the sieving part for CRUS / SRBase. More and more new sievefiles will be available in the future in a short time period. If you want to help there enable sieving in prefs. A big thx to the Gridcoin team for the amazing computing power in the past months and of course all the other users / teams spend their power to bring the project forward. For those who are interested in the public paper for SRBase this is now ready for [Link] download.. I will add a link on the frontpage soon. If you have any questions about it let us discuss this in th...

By srbase at 2017-11-18

Pierre de Fermat's Birthday Challenge in 12 hours!

In less than 12 hours, PrimeGrid's three day [Link] Pierre de Fermat's Birthday Challenge will begin. For the first time ever, this challenge will feature the three smallest Generalized Fermat projects, GFN-15, GFN-16, and GFN-17-Low. Head on over to the the [Link] challenge's forum thread for more information and discussion. Good luck!

By primegrid at 2017-11-17

Fill out a survey to help Cosmology@Home

Hi everyone, graduate student Lo Lee and Professor Peter Darch of the University of Illinois (where we got our start back in 2007) are conducting a survey of Cosmology@Home users for their research. If you have a moment, we'd appreciate if you could fill in the survey at [Link] Your (completely anonymous and confidential) responses may also help us guide the design of Cosmology@Home in the future. Many thanks!

By cosmology@home at 2017-11-16

Online questionnaire about citizen science and volunteer computing

Please help Lo Lee, a first-year doctoral student from Library and Information Science at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, by filling in an [Link] online survey about Einstein@Home and BOINC. Lo Lee is doing a project on citizen science that aims to assess to what extent citizen science can be designed as an inclusive online learning environment to embrace volunteer diversity.[Link] read more

By einstein@home at 2017-11-15

Announcing: Fewer Announcements!

In 2018, we are changing our policies regarding announcement of significant prime discoveries. We're raising the bar so that announcements once again are something special and not just "the prime of the week." Details and discussion can be found [Link] here.

By primegrid at 2017-11-14

Another PPS-Mega Prime!

On 13 November 2017, 00:26:44 UTC, PrimeGrid’s PPS Mega Prime Search project found the Mega Prime: [Link] 943*2^3442990+1 The prime is 1,036,447 digits long and will enter [Link] Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database ranked 208th overall. The discovery was made by Joshua Charles Campbell ([Link] Warp Zero) of Canada using an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz with 64GB RAM, running Linux. This computer took about 42 minutes to complete the primality test using multithreaded LLR. Joshua is a member of the [Link] Canada team. The prime was verified on 13 November 2017, 18:22:32 UTC by Jon Goral ([Link] [KWSN]John Galt 007) of the United States using an Intel(R) Core(TM) i7 940 CPU @ 2.93GHz with 24GB RAM, running Microsoft Windows 10. This computer took about 6 hour 76 minutes to complete the primality test using LLR. Jon is a member of [Link] The Knights Who Say Ni! team. For more details, please see the [Link] official announcement.

By primegrid at 2017-11-14

base S263 cancelled (average app)

I have forgot to change and removed all WUs, 200 WUs were sent out before I noticed that. Please abort all of this batch. Sorry for the trouble.

By srbase at 2017-11-12

[wildlife] maintenance issue

When our systems went down last thursday it looks like there was an issue mounting the storage that housed the imagery and video. They're working on this and hope to have a fix soon. Unfortunately this was done right before a holiday weekend, so the fix might not happen until monday.

By citizen science grid at 2017-11-11

Database slowness

We're having some as yet unexplained slowness with the our BOINC database. There don't seem to be any hardware issues. Temperatures are running normal and all the drives seem good. Yet for some reason the query that fills the "ready to send" queue is running about 10 times slower than it normally does. Until I get it fixed, it means that on average we're sending out 3 workunits a second rather than 30+. I'll let you know when I've got it figured out.

By seti@home at 2017-11-11

Enhanced statistics for the Siever app

On the Siever status page you see now on which base we are working and how they are progressing.

By yoyo@home at 2017-11-10

New multicore app and WUs

Dears, we would like to test our new CPU multicore application for quantum chemistry tasks ("QC"). Since it’s the first time we have a CPU app out, I’ll test the behavior of GPUGRID with a relatively large batch that you will see soon. Workunits are named "*QC309big*". Here’s some features of the app, in short (subject to change): * Platform: Linux only for now, generic x64. * Threads: as many as Boinc decides. I guess it depends on your machine, your preferences, and other running tasks in ways which are obscure to me… * Run time: about 1 CPU hour per WU (so, shorter if multithreading) * Credit: computed with the default algorithm (tasks are short, don’t expect much). Bonus mechanism for fast turnaround is still on. * Known bugs: restarts and checkpoints. This should be mitigated with the “keep in memory when suspended” option. Sorry about that, it’s outside of our control. * Network behavior: the first time you get a WU of this kind it downloads a Python interpreter (miniconda) and then some open-source packages, and installs them in the project directory. The installation is reused whenever possible. * Disk usage: could go around 1 GB, perhaps more when tasks are running. Resetting the project should remove everything. * Memory usage: should be around 1 GB when running. Depending on the results of this test, we’ll start thinking about other platforms. Thanks and nice crunching! Toni

By gpugrid at 2017-11-10

Perfect Cuboid: Starting skipped range with more cuboids

In the Perfect Cuboid subproject we have added per user statistics of found cuboids, as well as subproject status page was extended by the common statistics. 11 November at 11:11 UTC we are going to launch the 0-10T range which we skipped from the beginning, which contains almost the same amount of cuboids we've already discovered, and throw out 4 times shorter tasks to give an opportunity for all concerned users to put into the personal statistics a large number of cuboids. So, don't miss the start time.

By yoyo@home at 2017-11-09

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