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FightAIDS@Home – Phase 2 Prepares for A New Stage

The FightAIDS@Home – Phase 2 researchers are making plans to write a paper and to test new compounds as part of the continuing search for new and better treatments.

By world community grid at 2018-05-22

Aliquot sequences 1461198, 1345380 and 1094292 have terminated!!!

Aliquot sequences 1461198, 1345380 and 1094292 have terminated!!!

By yafu at 2018-05-19

Aliquot sequence 1272336 has terminated!!!

Aliquot sequence 1272336 has terminated!!!

By yafu at 2018-05-16

Aliquot sequence 1007604 has terminated!!!

Aliquot sequence 1007604 has terminated!!!

By yafu at 2018-05-16

[wildlife] new runs up and going

Hi All, I've started up some new runs. These are using a different, larger, dataset, so let me know if you see any issues with them. thanks!

By citizen science grid at 2018-05-14

New Windows 64-bit version

A new version (1.40) of the Windows 64-bit CPU application has been released.

By collatz conjecture at 2018-05-12

New organism

The experiments on Vitis vinifera are almost finished, thank you all. We will soon switch to a new organism. We made some tests some time ago but we found that the outputs of the Windows and Linux applications didn't match each other. The new forthcoming Windows applications should behave correctly. The next Monday we will distribute them and (slowly) start creating new work.

By tn-grid at 2018-05-11

Linux Apps Avaliable

Linux versions of the Collatz Sieve application are now available. This includes 32 and 64 bit versions of the cpu apps, ATI OpenCL, Intel OpenCL, and nVidia OpenCL apps.

By collatz conjecture at 2018-05-07

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