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Acemd apps should be fixed

We are aware of the problem and working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

By gpugrid at 2019-08-10

License expired for Windows

We are aware of the problem and working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

By gpugrid at 2019-08-10

Entering Final Phase of Subfield 4

The final batch of subfield 4 is starting to rear its ugly head. This beast has 1.6M work units averaging about 2.5 hours a piece (on a 4GHz cpu).

By numberfields@home at 2019-08-07

new GPU app versions

I was noticing a slow down with the GPU app versions on the 15x271 data set. I found the problem - a large fraction of the discriminants were exceeding the hard coded precision. When this happens the GPU kicks it back to the CPU to handle. As a result, the GPU spent more time idling as it waited on the CPU to finish the task. A side effect of this was that the WU would also use almost an entire CPU core. I increased the hard coded precision and tested on the troublesome data sets as well as the newest 16x271 data set. The issue seems to be fixed, but please report any unexpected behavior.

By numberfields@home at 2019-08-07

New Expanded Runs for Milkyway_nbody (08/06/2019)

Hello all, I've just placed two new runs up onto MilkyWay@home: -de_nbody_08_06_2019_v176_40k__dataExpand__1 -de_nbody_08_06_2019_v176_40k__dataExpand__2 These runs are going to search over a larger phase space, however, due to the technological limitations of simulating incredibly dense dwarf galaxies, a significant portion of this phase space will be skipped. This limitation has been placed in previous runs using the current version of Milkyway_nbody, however, the larger phase space will make this more apparent. We set up our lua file such that runs with abnormally long runtimes will only take a few seconds to complete and return the worst case likelihood score. As credits are calculated dynamically for Nbody, it may take a few runs for Milkyway@home to assign the proper amount of credits. We plan on adding another expanded data run once de_nbody_07_10_2019_v176_40k__data__7 converges. Thank you for your support, Eric

By milkyway@home at 2019-08-06

New Separation Testing Runs

Hi Everyone, Looking at all of the previous runs (including those from previous projects), there are patterns of interesting and unexpected behavior from the optimization results. In order to better understand these results, I have planned a series of extensive testing runs. These tests will allow us to learn how the optimization routine's responds to specific circumstances and inputs. I will make a comment attached to this post describing the tests & reasons for the tests in greater detail if anyone is interested. EVERYTHING IS WORKING AS INTENDED. These results are not entirely understood, not incorrect. I don't expect to invalidate any results from this project, but I do plan on actually producing more, better results as I learn why the optimizer outputs what it does. I am rolling out the first 2 series of tests, and have released the runs on the server. The names of these runs are: de_modfit_14_bundle5_testing_4s3f_1 de_modfit_14_bundle5_testing_4s3f_2 de_modfit_14_bundle5_testing_4s3f_3 de_modfit_14_bundle4_testing_3s4f_1 de_modfit_14_bundle4_testing_3s4f_2 de_modfit_14_bundle4_testing_3s4f_3 Please let me know if you experience any problems with these runs. Thank you all for your help with this project! Best, Tom

By milkyway@home at 2019-07-29

firewall black listing

It has come to my attention that some users have been black listed by the university firewall system. This usually means that the volunteer cant download tasks or even connect to the website. We are currently looking at ways to reduce the firewall restrictions so this will stop happening. In the meantime, the work around is for me to request the IT department to white list an IP address on an individual basis. If you or someone you know is experiencing connection problems, please let me know so I can have them added to the white list.

By numberfields@home at 2019-07-27

Results databases

After last server update I have also prepared NFS based folders with results databases. So, [Link] here is rsults page where you can download all processed data from our project.

By universe@home at 2019-07-26

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