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Welcome to! a Block Explorer for the Gridcoin Network crypto currency chain.

We provide historic and present as-is information published on the Gridcoin network chain, such as address holdings, polls, research reward data, BOINC Project updates and results and much more.

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Feedback can be posted on our Github Issue Tracker or by contacting us on the Gridcoin Slack or Gridcoin Discord servers.

What is Gridcoin and BOINC?

BOINC stands for Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing and was developed in 2002. It's serves as a platform for projects to distribute and collect small work units that computers run. The kind of work can vary greatly.

Learn more about BOINC in the BOINC section.

Gridcoin is a Proof-of-Stake v2 cryptocurrency, initially released in 2014. It also adds a second layer of rewards for work done on the BOINC platform for a pre-defined list of validated projects. Users gain their rewards when staking new blocks to the network.

More in-detail description of the mechanism can be found on, Gridcoin Whitepaper, Gridcoin Staking Bluepaper

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Here are the latest news and updates from various sources within the gridcoin space. This includes updates from the explorer and whitelisted BOINC projects. You can browser all the available items on the News section as well as filter based on your preferences.

Electrical work - Odlk1 @ Boinc

On Thusday 23/4/2024 there are planned some electrical works in my area from 9:00 to 13:30 with power that probably will be tuned off too.

So the server could be not reachable during that times due to loss of internet connection.

Read more... 2024-04-21 08:37:44 - GridcoinReleases @ Github

[], 2024-04-10, leisure
This release is a maintenance release that adds checkpoints post the unintended
fork when was introduced. Given that some folks upgraded to too
late for their wallets to correct out of the fork, some 5.4...

Read more... 2024-04-11 04:57:48
Server crash - Srbase @ Boinc

The server crashed due a memory leak. The database was corrupt so resorted from todays backup, it was expected but need to investigate which was causing this. wanted to fix this in 3d but came earlier.

Read more... 2024-04-07 16:56:42
base S165 Megaprime - Srbase @ Boinc

[P3D] Crashtest found a member of the team Planet 3DNow! found a megaprime for base S165
The prime 1486*165^497431+1 has 1.103.049 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. 1k is left

Read more... 2024-04-07 16:54:22
Lightning bolt - Odlk1 @ Boinc

There was a lightning bolt on 1/4/2024 in the night that damage (e.g. they broke) many electrical devices in the area (1Km^2).
Internet connection were restored only in the morning (as provider is at 200m distance of the server and it was damaged to...

Read more... 2024-04-03 19:56:28
base R2 2nd conjecture 2 Megaprimes - Srbase @ Boinc

Science United found a megaprime for base R2 2nd conjecture.
The prime 625783*2^7031319-1 has 2.116.644 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database.

Hoshione, a member of the team SETI.Germany found a me...

Read more... 2024-03-31 15:53:41
Part 3 of the 10^21 search has started - Amicable Numbers @ Boinc

Part 2 of the 1021 search will be finished, for the most part, today. There are still ~2000 unfinished WUs which can take up to a couple of weeks to complete, depending on individual participants processing them.

Part 3 of the search will look for ...

Read more... 2024-03-27 11:24:42
BOINC is a finalist for an notable award, and needs your vote (*by Sunday) - Numberfields@home @ Boinc

The World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) is a United Nations-sponsored initiative aimed at harnessing the potential of information and communication technologies to build inclusive and equitable information societies worldwide. BOINC has ...

Read more... 2024-03-26 16:49:23
The Computation Moonshot starts today! - World Community Grid @ Boinc

The Computation Moonshot, a competition encouraging high school students to learn about data science and distributed computing, began today.

Read more... 2024-03-25 20:49:06
Formula BOINC 2024-03-21 06:00 UTC - 2024-03-24 06:00 UTC - Srbase @ Boinc

The challenge is running. Good luck everyone!

Read more... 2024-03-21 14:35:07
base R815 Magaprime / proven - Srbase @ Boinc

magic_sam, a member of the team Gridcoin found a megaprime for base R815.
The prime 8*815^559138-1 has 1.627.740 digits and entered the TOP5000 in Chris Caldwell's The Largest Known Primes Database. With this find it also has proven the base!

Read more... 2024-03-16 23:07:17
Research update from the MCM team (March 2024) - World Community Grid @ Boinc

We continue to characterise lung cancer biomarkers identified in the MCM1 project. This update focuses on HSD17B11, a gene associated with lung cancer survival. HSD17B11 is a protein coding gene, relatively ubiquitously expressed across organs and ti...

Read more... 2024-03-14 21:03:19 - GridcoinReleases @ Github

[], 2024-03-13, leisure
This release is solely to implement the disconnection of version and
below nodes as the last cleanup action due to the inadvertent fork caused at
3190603/4 as a result of the inadvertent protocol change introduc...

Read more... 2024-03-13 05:50:39
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