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This page shows information regarding BOINC projects on the Gridcoin Network. A project on the whitelist are rewarded for the share of work within that project on the Gridcoin Team. A project can be voted in or out at any given time by the community via the polls.

Please refer to the Gridcoin Projects Forum for help.

Team users that still does work, and could receive a reward for it, but has not advertised their precesence on the network with a Beacon are presented as Team Users w/o Beacon.

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Past Projects:

Below list houses all availbale projects that gives rewards on the Gridcoin Network. Your reward are based on how much work you do, compared to how much work the team has done on each individual project. Each Project rewards equally much regardles of the amount of users. A Project with low participation may give a higher reward.

A Project needs to supply Gridcoin users with a constant supply of Work Units (WUs), failure to do so may result in delisting of the Project after a poll. Make sure you check that your current projects are on this list to get rewards.

The "Excluded Projects" list are projects that has failed to be inclueded in the latest superblock, rewards will not be generated for these projects until they are inclueded again. This may happen because the project servers are down or it was voted out by the community. Please refer to the Gridcoin Projects Forum for more details.

The "Past Projects" list are projects that has been exluded for longer than 2 weeks.
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Project Name WUs



In Progress





YafuWebpage 1,878 1,906 4,761,429 678
Odlk1Webpage 274,763 449,559 3,658,571 533
SrbaseWebpage 304,482 110,382 5,697,143 658
GpugridWebpage 9,093 4,952 126,604,660 3627
Tn-gridWebpage 0 14,772 464,000 744
Nfs@homeWebpage 95,218 130,943 9,374,286 1673
PrimegridWebpage 83,102 219,480 117,537,230 2945
Seti@homeWebpage 300,006 4,373,853 8,338,571 6968
Yoyo@homeWebpage 21,728 53,122 3,732,857 1866
Enigma@homeWebpage 1,975 78,981 68,010,300 2328
Rosetta@homeWebpage -1 -1 4,758,571 6562
Einstein@homeWebpage 16,418 646,390 89,842,120 4468
Milkyway@homeWebpage 1,920 367,244 66,911,830 4992
Universe@homeWebpage 759,097 130,214 13,833,930 2140
Asteroids@homeWebpage 825,094 479,687 18,023,380 5106
Cosmology@homeWebpage 1,000 84,612 2,392,857 2500
Amicable NumbersWebpage 2,447 21,708 150,865,270 1336
Lhc@home ClassicWebpage 3,019 281,223 1,442,857 3725
Numberfields@homeWebpage 138,117 72,311 16,535,020 1342
Vgtu Project@homeWebpage 107 25,647 2,434,286 794
Collatz ConjectureWebpage 792 140,851 454,002,980 1607
Citizen Science GridWebpage 0 26,810 41,772,310 2345
World Community GridWebpage -1 -1 5,370,000 3478
Project Name Last Seen
Project Name Last Seen
Albert@homeWebpage 2016-06-12
Atlas@homeWebpage 2017-04-04
Bitcoin UtopiaWebpage 2016-05-25
BurpWebpage 2017-01-03
Cas@homeWebpage 2016-06-12
Climate PredictionWebpage 2017-10-12
Climateprediction.netWebpage 2015-11-10
Constellation 2015-07-28
Convector 2015-07-17
Denis@homeWebpage 2016-07-06
Distributed Data MiningWebpage 2015-11-10
DistributeddataminingWebpage 2017-10-12
Drugdiscovery@homeWebpage 2018-02-26
Edges@home 2015-07-28
Find@homeWebpage 2015-12-02
Gridcoin Finance 2016-08-27
Leiden ClassicalWebpage 2017-10-12
Lhc@homeWebpage 2015-11-10
Malaria Control 2016-02-11 2015-11-10
Mindmodeling@homeWebpage 2016-11-27
Moo! WrapperWebpage 2015-11-10
MoowrapWebpage 2018-02-09
Poem@homeWebpage 2016-11-02
PrimaboincaWebpage 2015-07-17
Quake Catcher NetworkWebpage 2015-07-17
Sat@homeWebpage 2016-11-27
Seti@home Beta 2015-07-30
SourcefinderWebpage 2018-02-28
Sztaki Desktop GridWebpage 2017-10-12
Theskynet PogsWebpage 2018-05-06
VlhcathomeWebpage 2017-02-02
Wuprop@home 2016-08-03
More BOINC related news and updates can be read under each project. Below are the last 12 updates from all active projects.

FightAIDS@Home – Phase 2 Prepares for A New Stage

The FightAIDS@Home – Phase 2 researchers are making plans to write a paper and to test new compounds as part of the continuing search for new and better treatments.

By world community grid at 2018-05-22

Aliquot sequences 1461198, 1345380 and 1094292 have terminated!!!

Aliquot sequences 1461198, 1345380 and 1094292 have terminated!!!

By yafu at 2018-05-19

Aliquot sequence 1272336 has terminated!!!

Aliquot sequence 1272336 has terminated!!!

By yafu at 2018-05-16

Aliquot sequence 1007604 has terminated!!!

Aliquot sequence 1007604 has terminated!!!

By yafu at 2018-05-16

[wildlife] new runs up and going

Hi All, I've started up some new runs. These are using a different, larger, dataset, so let me know if you see any issues with them. thanks!

By citizen science grid at 2018-05-14

New Windows 64-bit version

A new version (1.40) of the Windows 64-bit CPU application has been released.

By collatz conjecture at 2018-05-12

New organism

The experiments on Vitis vinifera are almost finished, thank you all. We will soon switch to a new organism. We made some tests some time ago but we found that the outputs of the Windows and Linux applications didn't match each other. The new forthcoming Windows applications should behave correctly. The next Monday we will distribute them and (slowly) start creating new work.

By tn-grid at 2018-05-11

Linux Apps Avaliable

Linux versions of the Collatz Sieve application are now available. This includes 32 and 64 bit versions of the cpu apps, ATI OpenCL, Intel OpenCL, and nVidia OpenCL apps.

By collatz conjecture at 2018-05-07

New Separation Runs 7 May

Hey Everyone, I just put up a bunch of new runs named: de_modfit_XX_bundle4_4s_NoContraintsWithDisk_1 where XX goes from 09 to 23. Let me know if you see any issues with these runs here. Thanks everyone, Jake

By milkyway@home at 2018-05-07

Do not use Nvidia driver 397.31

It has come to my attention that Nvidia recently released a new video driver that is causing widespread problems. 397.31 seems to cause the GPU to become inaccessible to both CUDA and OpenCL programs after a while, and can only be reset by rebooting the computer. It's likely this affects all BOINC projects and not just PrimeGrid. Indeed, it probably affects all GPU programs, even those that don't run under BOINC. There's a newer, hotfix driver 397.55 which seems to correct the problem. I strongly recommend either upgrading to 397.55 or rolling back to a driver earlier than 397.31. More information can be found [Link] here.

By primegrid at 2018-05-06

Domain issues

Anyhow the connection was lost to the domain, the server was still running, I did an update for the domain / IP and all is back online.

By srbase at 2018-05-03

[all] account manager issues update

Hi All, It looks like the "team" table in the database had become corrupted and crashed. I repaired the database and it looks like all is working and I'm not seeing any errors on my end. Let me know if this fixed things for you. cheers, --Travis

By citizen science grid at 2018-05-02

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