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Mandatory update in 12.2 days @ block 2671700
The Gridcoin Research wallet v5.4.0.0 is released, which is a mandatory update.
On block 2671700, in about 12.2 days older wallets will no longer be able to connect to the network.
Upgrade to the latest wallet by downloading it from the GitHub repository.
The following news story was loaded from an external source. The story is not related to this site., 2022-08-01, mandatory, "Kermit's Mom"

Tag: github:gridcoinReleases
Published 2022-07-31 23:01:45


test: Add TrimString(...) tests #2447 (@barton2526)
test: Add dead code detection #2449 (@barton2526)
test: Add explicit references to related CVE's in comments #2467 (@barton2526)
test: Add testing of ParseInt/ParseUInt edge cases with leading +/-/0:s #2470 (@barton2526)
consensus, contract, mining, researcher, rpc, staking, gui: Implementation of MRC - baseline functionality #2425 (@jamescowens)
consensus: MRC mandatory implementation code #2471 (@jamescowens)
test: Add upstream sync_tests.cpp #2481 (@barton2526)
net: Countermeasures against eclipse attacks #2454 (@Pythonix)
lint: add script to check for https violations #2491 (@div72)
util: Add flatpath BOINC data directory path resolution for Linux #2499 (@jamescowens)
gui: Add beaconExpired() to researchermodel #2498 (@jamescowens)
consensus: Add missing block nVersion check for v12 blocks in AcceptBlock #2502 (@jamescowens)
gui, util: Add AccrualChangedFromStakeOrMRC core signal #2503 (@jamescowens)
util: Change default -dbcache to 100 MB and also implement -txindexdbcache #2507 (@jamescowens)
rpc, util, consensus: Implement exception handling framework for MRC and fix ValidateMRC to deal with testnet consensus issue #2508 (@jamescowens)
gui: Initial implementation of GUI MRC submission form #2513 (@jamescowens)
build: Port over Bitcoin's translation docs #2439 (@jamescowens)
(2/3) build: integrate libsecp256k1 #2492 (@div72)
gui: New MRC request icon #2526 (@jamescowens)
mandatory, voting: Implement poll type validation in protocol #2522 (@jamescowens)
gui, voting: Implement poll additional fields gui components #2525 (@jamescowens)
gui, researcher: Add GDPR protection display #2527 (@jamescowens)
consensus, rpc: Kermit's mom hardfork (2671700) #2551 (@jamescowens)


net: Hard Coded Seed Node Cleanup #2427 (@barton2526)
script: Add More Generated Files to Gitignore #2435 (@RoboticMind)
gui: Update copyright year to 2022 for Gridcoin About dialog box #2443 (@jamescowens)
rpc: Change type field in ListTransactions to lower case #2441 (@jamescowens)
refactor: Replace memset calls with array initialization #2452 (@barton2526)
refactor: Changed some parameters from pass by value to pass by reference #2455 (@Pythonix)
ci, cd: improve caching #2461 (@div72)
contrib: port recent macdeployqtplus changes #2465 (@div72)
test: Test for expected return values when calling functions returning a success code #2464 (@barton2526)
build: Improve error message when pkg-config is not installed #2460 (@barton2526)
test: Bump shellcheck, mypy versions #2463 (@barton2526)
build: Update depends packages (expat, fontconfig, freetype, libXau, libxcb, xcb_proto, xproto) #2466 (@barton2526)
lint: run mypy over contrib/devtools #2475 (@barton2526)
build, lint: Remove x-prefix's from comparisons, Fix some shell script issues the linter complains about, Re-enable boost include checks #2478 (@barton2526)
test: Avoid copies of CTransaction #2479 (@barton2526)
ci: change windows CI to Focal, modify wrap_wine to use wine64 for 64bit binaries #2484 (@barton2526)
build: Qt 5.15.2 #2486 (@barton2526)
net: No longer send local address in addrMe #2459 (@Pythonix)
voting, gui, rpc: Enhance PollResult and AVW calculation to improve pool handling #2489 (@jamescowens)
(1/3) refactor: port some misc changes from upstream #2485 (@div72)
build: Try posix-specific CXX first for mingw32 host, Fix Windows cross-compiling with Qt 5.15 #2494 (@barton2526)
Improve upon scanforunspent rpc #2468 (@iFoggz)
rpc: Change tail_fee and head_fee to display in GRC rather than Halfords in createmrcrequest #2501 (@jamescowens)
scripted-diff: change http to https in copyright text #2504 (@div72)
qt, refactor: Use enum type as switch argument in *TableModel #2496 (@barton2526)
build, qt: bump Qt5 version to 5.15.3 #2510 (@barton2526)
utils: run commands using utf-8 string on Windows #2514 (@barton2526)
prevector: enforce is_trivially_copyable_v #2516 (@div72)
crypto: Unroll the ChaCha20 inner loop for performance #2515 (@div72)
gui: Modify VerifyTCPPort to use the status of CheckOutboundConnectionCount #2506 (@jamescowens)
gui: Fix transaction history table column size behavior #2520 (@jamescowens)
log: Use consistent wording in random.cpp log #2538 (@div72)
lint: Use newer versions of our lint packages, remove yq #2541 (@barton2526)
(1/2) validation: move CBlock validation methods to validation.cpp #2539 (@div72)
gui: Implement proportional column resizing for Addressbook with memory #2543 (@jamescowens)
build: remove redundant warning flags #2546 (@barton2526)
qt: Prefix makefile variables with QT_ #2547 (@barton2526)
build: remove build stubs for external leveldb #2550 (@barton2526)
build, refactor: Improve package version usage #2549 (@barton2526)
build: minor boost tidyups #2548 (@barton2526)


rpc, util: Remove caching from BlockFinder #2490 (@jamescowens)
test: remove obsolete check sig test #2552 (@div72)


build: fix unoptimized libraries in depends #2428 (@barton2526)
build: don't use deprecated brew package names #2429 (@barton2526)
qt: fix shutdown on MacOS #2440 (@div72)
net: Do not add random inbound peers to addrman #2451 (@barton2526)
util: skip trying to set the locale on NetBSD #2448 (@barton2526)
build: change bundle id #2462 (@div72)
net: Do not propagate obviously poor addresses onto the network #2453 (@Pythonix)
ci: Fix CI build title to reflect that we are building for bionic, not xenial #2469 (@barton2526)
lint: Fix misc typos #2472 (@barton2526)
util: Fix crash when parsing command line with -noincludeconf=0, Properly handle -noincludeconf on command line #2473 (@barton2526)
build: Fix several minor linter errors #2476 (@jamescowens)
tests: Don't access out of bounds array index: array[sizeof(array)] #2480 (@barton2526)
script: Fix and Minify Icon SVG #2488 (@RoboticMind)
gui: Add missing null pointer check for m_beacon #2500 (@jamescowens)
util: Fix BN_zero macro in key.cpp for OpenSSL 3.0 #2497 (@jamescowens)
rpc, contract: Adjust ValidateMRC, CreateMRC, and createmrcrequest to correct provided fee handling #2505 (@jamescowens)
consensus: Move DoS into contract validators to allow variability of DoS based on context and further fixes to ValidateMRC #2512 (@jamescowens)
lockedpool: When possible, use madvise to avoid including sensitive information in core dumps #2509 (@barton2526)
refactor: Fix some minor linter complaints #2517 (@jamescowens)
miner: Miner Logger bug fix #2518 (@iFoggz)
key: properly parse short DER private keys #2519 (@div72)
researcher: Fix ReadClientStateXml() crash on wrong BOINC directory permissions #2524 (@jamescowens)
init: fix daemon forking #2521 (@div72)
scraper: Change open mode from append to truncate for auth file #2528 (@jamescowens)
gui: New mrc contract icon try #2 #2529 (@jamescowens)
gui: Remove white outlines on MRC icon #2530 (@a123b)
voting: Change m_additional_fields serialization #2531 (@jamescowens)
build, qt: Fix QMAKE_CXXFLAGS expression for mingw32 host #2537 (@div72)
logging: fix logging empty thread name #2535 (@div72)
trivial: fix comment in account header guard #2542 (@div72)
build: Restrict check for CRC32C intrinsic to aarch64 #2544 (@barton2526)
build: force CRCCheck in Windows installer #2545 (@barton2526)

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